Thursday, February 8th, 2001 #300
Tales From a Parallel Universe 1 Some Apologies
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I figured if you're going to make comics that might offend some people and then apologize for it, you might as well make a joke out of the apology while you're at it.

Besides, I felt it was important to let the readers know that I'm not really making fun of homosexuality itself, more that I'm making fun of how some people react to stereotypical homosexual behavior. I mean, you can tell that Alternate Bob was specifically trying to get this kind of reaction out of Bob. I suppose if you can't manipulate yourself, who can you manipulate?

You know, I have no idea why Alternate Bob's outfit is dark gray. Regular Bob's outfit is dark gray because it's (still) scorched from being blasted by Proto Man's blaster. So how did Alternate Bob's outfit get dark? Was he blasted by someone at some point, or is black just slimming? Actually, I have no idea how Alternate Bob and George even arrived in the Alternate Universe. Is there an Alternate Home Dimension for Alternate Bob and George too? Did Alternate Bob trick Alternate George into going to the Alternate Megaman Universe? Or did--Ow! I think I broke my brain!
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