Wednesday, February 21st, 2001 #313
Prelude to a Bad Time The Time Suit
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When I started thinking about the time travel storyline, I had to decide how Mega Man would actually do his time traveling. Would Dr. Light have a big, boxy machine, or would Mega Man get in some sort of vehicle? What about a temporal doorway? Or just use portals? In the end, since actually making the graphics for that stuff would be too much work, I decided to go with a recolored Rush Adaptor Suit. After all, once I turned it gray, it's fairly reminiscent of the Delorean from Back to the Future, especially with the thrusters on the back.

What were those thrusters on the back of the Delorean for, anyway? I mean, did you ever see them work? On the train at the end of the third movie, you see the thrusters act as propulsion, but while that would make sense for the Delorean when it was flying, what was the original point of them, back when the car was first built and still needed roads?

My personal pet theory is that all the fireworks you see when the car approached 88 miles per hour was actually the flux capacitor opening a wormhole, of sorts, in front of the car. At the critical moment, when the wormhole was fully formed, the car needed an extra boost to force it through the wormhole before it collapsed. That, then, would be what the thrusters were actually for. But then, where did they get their energy from? Were the powered by the fusion generator or the car's electrical system and its gasoline fuel supply? Or perhaps Doc Brown had a separate chemical propellant specifically for the thrusters that were never mentioned in the movies. Maybe I think about this stuff too much.
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