Bob and George
Thursday, April 5th, 2001 #356
The Party Comics We Wanted to See Animated
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Over the course of the first year, there were several times when I found myself putting together comics or sequences of comics that I thought would be look pretty cool if they were animated. So naturally, when I stated animating comics, it made sense to go back and actually animate them.

The first panel is from the fight between Mega Man and the Yellow Demon. There are so many sprites involved in the Yellow Demon's moves, I was always disappointed when I couldn't use all of them in the static comics. Since this frame took place before I switched to the Myriad Roman font, I thought it would be more accurate to go back to the Comic Sans font I was still using at that point in the comic.

The second panel is Nate's initial humanoid transformation shortly after the reformed Yellow Demon (aka Nate) tossed Bob into the Alternate Dimension. Again, there are many more sprites used in the animation than in the original comic, mostly because I could get away with it in an animation. Though, I admit, I took a little creative license with the Author's lines in this frame, but he's the Author, so he can get away with continuity errors.

The third panel is the fight between Proto Man and Bob, including how Bob's gray costume came about, although I should point out that what appears in the animation actually played out over several days' worth of comics, including a break in the middle that focused on Mega Man and George.

And the last panel was Mega Man's inital encounter with everyone's favorite fiery psychopath, including the first time Mega Man "died".

Originally I was thinking about including more panels with more scenes I wanted to see animated, like maybe Mega Man blowing up that Met and Blader Tank or the Yellow Demon reconstructing itself or Bass's Super Spectacular Transformation Day, but there were two problems with that. The first was that these animated comics' filesizes were quite large. I hadn't learned any tricks to optimize animated GIFs yet, and if I were to increase the comic's size to include two rows of panels instead of just the one, their filesizes would've swelled to several megabytes each, and I really had to consider readers still on dial-up.

The second problem was that, when I originally went through and decided which events to animate, I only came up with six possible animations. Since the comic's format is either four panels or eight panels, it made more sense to cut it down to four than to pad it up to eight. What's worse, out of those six possibilities, four of them would've featured the Yellow Demon in some way, and that seemed too weighted toward the Yellow Demon to me. So, I went with four.

Also, I originally had two versions of this comic. My first version was significantly too large, so I cut out about half of the animation frames. For the longest time, that's the version that was first available in the archives, often with the larger, more detailed version available through a link. Luckily, once I converted these comics to Flash, I was able to use the better-animated version, so that's what you're seeing up above.
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