Tuesday, February 13th, 2001 #305
Tales From a Parallel Universe 1 Going Home
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And so Bob is given the tool necessary to begin his adventures through the multiverse. I honestly didn't know that we would ever see the Alternates again, much less how this piece of the comic's over-arcing storyline would come back years later. At the time, all I knew was that Bob needed something to allow him to go from dimension to dimension, trying in vain to get home, much like Sliders or Quantum Leap. I suppose I could've just had him enter randomly-appearing portals, but I think it worked better in terms of the story if he only had a lack of control over where he ended up, not when he could leave.

Also, Alternate Mega Man's line alludes to regular Mega Man's line when he and Proto Man attempted to return the Author to the real world. There's just something about a character admitting that he has no idea whether his gizmo is going to work or not that makes me laugh.
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