Monday, February 19th, 2001 #311
Prelude to a Bad Time A Bad Time is Coming
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I really enjoyed making the background images in this comic. The images are displayed on a screen that was taken from the background of Dr. Light's lab in Megaman 7. I also used that background quite a bit later in the comic, as well as in the Cataclysm movies.

In the third panel, that diagram is based on the chalkboard sketch Doc Brown makes in Back to the Future Part II after he and Marty return from the future to a bizarro version of 1985. In the movie, Doc goes on to explain to Marty that the Biff from 2015 must have gone back in time and altered the past. So when Doc and Marty returned to 1985, instead of returning to their 1985, they arrived in an alternate 1985, which he then calls 1985A.

My theory is that when Biff changed the past, it created a temporal shockwave that spread out from that point in time. Marty and Doc were unaffected because they jumped over the shockwave while traveling back in time from 2015 to 1985. That is, they left 2015 before the shockwave reached them, but arrived in 1985 after the shockwave had already gone through, effectively jumping over the distortion. If they had stuck around in 2015 much longer, they might have been hit by it, changing with the timeline and never knowing anything had ever happened. Instead, they skipped right over it, allowing them to be aware of the change and able to correct it.

Similarly, Dr. Light has somehow already detected the shockwave and knows it's coming, as shown on the diagram, allowing him to formulate a plan to do something about it before the present is affected. Funny how none of that is actually mentioned in this comic, isn't it?
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