Wednesday, October 25th, 2000 #194
Just Another Day Bass's Perfectly Good Reason
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One thing is for sure: Dr. Light's lab has got to be huge. I mean, think about it: Mega Man and Proto Man have been running for a dozen comics and they're still in the lab. Granted, they might be running in circles, but I don't think so. I guess that means Dr. Light's lab would probably have to be mostly underground, but can you imagine how large it must be? Oh, maybe Dr. Light has a supercollider in there and they're running in it. Those things are miles long, right?

While we've seen the thought bubbles before, this is actually the first time I used them. (The previous examples were modified long after this.) I was debating whether to go with circular bubbles or square bubbles. Generally, circular bubbles are used, as most bubbles are generally circular, but then again, most text "boxes" are circular too. I guess I figured that if I was already breaking with convention and using rectangular text boxes, I might as well go ahead and use square thought bubbles. Besides, they're robots, so maybe they think rectangularly.

If there's one thing I hate about Proto Man's Megaman 7 sprites, it's that there aren't any running sprites. It's understandable, given that he appears only briefly in the game, and those are all fighting sequences, where he'd be dashing, but are a few running shots really so much to ask for? Oh sure, you could use the running sprites from Power Fighters or Power Battles, or convert some of the Mega Man sprites, but none of those are really an optimum solution. (And I didn't think to do either of those.) So, here, he's just in perpetual dash, which looks a little silly, but it couldn't be helped.
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