Wednesday, October 18th, 2000 #187
Just Another Day They're Out There...
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Ah, finally, the beginning of "Just Another Day" and what is, essentially, one long, running storyline. Because, really, there are very few breaks in the story from here on out. I mean, sure, the focus jumps around a lot, between different time periods and different dimensions, but it's pretty cohesive, and really what I consider the start of the comic as we know it today. Even the look of the comic pretty much starts right here, with the consistent background and font. I guess you could say this is where I first started figuring out how this whole comic thing worked.

Now, this comic and this storyline basically came about because I didn't know what to do or where to go with the comic after the second batch ended. I didn't have any ideas, so I just sat myself down and decided to comic the oddest thing I could think of. And this was it.

The joke, as it were, about somehow "out there" watching them, a reference to the audience, is a reference straight out of the SNES game The Lost Vikings. At the end of one of the levels, the three Vikings say much the same things, about a mysterious person out there, controlling their every move. I thought it was a clever little poke at the fourth wall, and included it in the comic.

Of course, this is pretty much the only time there is such a thing as the fourth wall in this comic...
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