Monday, October 2nd, 2000 #171
Introductions, Version 2.0 Explanations
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More copying and pasting, with movement of the eyes and a change of mouth. And, unfortunately, while it did make the creation of the comics faster and easier, I have always been less satisfied with the way it looked. I suppose that's always the trade-off, quality for time. At least for hand-drawn comics.

It was also during the two-week September hiatus that I finally started using Photoshop to help make the comic. It had actually been suggested to me earlier, during the summer, but I didn't take to it. It seemed overly complicated and the learning curve was too high, so I decided to stick with Paint and Photo Editor. Of course, what's overly complicated to one person is a very useful and powerful tool to another. It was really only a matter of time before I realized how useful something as powerful as Photoshop can be once you start figuring it out.

Now, that's not to say Photoshop is for everyone. While I know some people who use Photoshop for absolutely everything they make, for most of the run of the comic I stuck to Paint and only used Photoshop for the more complicated special effects and file format conversions. In the later years, when the comics started to get progressively more complicated, I started using it more and more, until I was more or less using it for just about everything myself. But I still like to use Paint for simple things that don't require layers or dithering or any of the other aspects of Photoshop that make it a must have, and I still demand to have Photo Editor installed on my machine for accessing sprite sheets. So, I guess my point is that just because a program isn't complicated or overly powerful doesn't mean it's useless, just as a program that's incredibly powerful and complicated isn't necessarily useful for everyone.
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