Saturday, September 16th, 2000 #169
The Attack on Dr. Wily The Disclaimer
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I put this image up on the front page while I was taking two weeks off before restarting the hand-drawn comic. I thought maybe if I spent the entire two weeks working on nothing but the hand-drawn comic, I could come up with something that would work. Clearly I didn't.

As for the "Version 2.0" reference, I had noticed that some comics kept track of the look of the comic and the site itself with version numbers. (Player vs Player is one such example.) I thought I'd go ahead and copy that practice. Which means Version 1.0 was how the comic first looked when it first started. The website used the font Decotura for the link buttons, the comic's text was Comic Sans, and the site's color scheme was simple black and white. With Version 2.0, I introduced two major differences: The comic's text switched to Myriad Roman and I started using a consistent background color scheme.

Years later, I lost the Decotura font in a reformat, leading me to introduce Version 3.0, which switched the link button font from Decotura to something called TinTin and the color scheme from black to bright blue. Version 3.0 was very bubbly and, initially, lots of people complained and hated it.

After a while, I got tired of the bright, bubbly look and wanted something a little more subdued. Version 4.0 switched the font from TinTin to simple Tahoma and a darker color. Initially, lots of people complained and hated it.

I guess what the site is using today would technically be considered Version 5.0, with the button fonts returned to Decotura, which I reacquired, though I've added some of the bevelling I started using with Version 3.0. I'm assuming lots of people initially complained and hated it.
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