Monday, October 23rd, 2000 #192
Just Another Day Super Spectacular Transformation Day
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Having found sprites for Bass's transformation with Treble, I felt compelled to waste an entire comic showing it off. I'm not sure why, except that since I still hadn't figured out what I was doing with this storyline, I went with whatever whim struck my fancy on any given day. And personally, I think there's something a little comically absurd about wasting an entire comic for a transformation sequence.

Oh, wait, I know. Clearly this comic is a parody of Dragon Ball Z, how they'll easily waste an entire episode on Goku transforming or Piccolo charging up for an attack. Yes, that's what this is, satire.

Some of you might recall that I used this transformation sequence later, as a distraction. I think having the sequence here, where it's completely useless, makes that sequence funnier. But I could be wrong.
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