Friday, October 6th, 2000 #175
Introductions, Version 2.0 The End For Now
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I have no idea why Bob/Napalm would run away. He just destroyed a building and has seen nothing to suggest he can't take George/Blitz. And even if we take into account that the two know who each other are, secret identities or not, I think we all know that Bob could kick George's ass in a fair fight, especially before George started really working on his powers in the Megaman Universe. So why did Bob run away? Because the script said so.

Yeah, the copying and pasting sucks. In theory, it was a good idea. Rather than drawing each panel separately, I could start with an initial batch of images that I could cut and paste as desired. If I needed a pose I didn't have, I would just draw it and it would become part of the collection, like I did over time with custom sprites. I believe this is essentially the approach many comics use, except that poses and various body parts are created and/or stored in Illustrator, which would probably cover up many sins.

But with drawings, especially ones as crappy as mine, it doesn't work. If you've got a particularly crapping drawing that you keep using over and over, like these three-quarter images or that arm, then the crappiness keeps getting used over and over, which only emphasizes just how crappy it is. At least when you draw everything new each time, any small mistakes can be overlooked because you'll never see them again.
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