Sunday, October 8th, 2000 #177
College Orientation The Decision-Making Process
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I think a sad part about these drawings is that, on paper, they really don't look so bad. It's during the scanning and clean-up process that they apparently turn to crap. Most of the image degradation might have been due to my complete lack of knowledge in Photoshop at this time. In fact, I wonder what this second batch would've looked like if I was doing them now... Actually, probably something more like this.

Being that George's mother is a black amorphous shape, drawn in what is either colored pencil or crayon, and she has red glowing eyes, there's some speculation among fans that she and the Shadowy Author are the same being. So, just to clarify things, let me say that the Shadowy Author is NOT George's mother. (Nor is he actually Georege in disguise.) The Shadowy Author is a completely different entity, whose origin will be revealed in in the Cataclysm movies, when I finally complete them...
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