Bob and George
Wednesday, April 26th, 2000 #26
Mega Man's Missing! Or Should He Say 'Oops'?
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I've always enjoyed it in television shows and movies when characters have special emotional attachments to their guns. I imagine it comes not just from the natural way people begin to personify inanimate objects when they've been around long enough, but also because there's a special bond that forms when you have to repeatedly trust your life to a weapon. And if you're the type to modify his/her weaponry, you have to also factor in all the time and effort that went into the modifications.

I wonder what Proto Man's named her...

That being said, I can't let this comic go without commenting a bit on the Three Laws of Robotics, because Proto Man killing his creator deals directly with them. At the end of Megaman 7, as Mega Man is standing over a defeated Dr. Wily, he finds he can't kill him, presumably because of the some internal programming. Whether Capcom intended this to be a direct reference to the Three Laws or not, many people imagine that Light-bots are at least programmed with something similiar. Wily-bots, not so much.

This would perhaps explain the major difference between robots from the classic series and the reploids from the X series, in that reploids are not programmed with the Three Laws, but instead are ruled by emotions like humans.

So, would killing Dr. Light violate the Three Laws? Perhaps not, since he didn't intend to kill him; the blaster just went off. Nonetheless, if Proto Man were truly an Asmovian-type robot, his positronic brain would mostly likely still shut down. Given that he didn't, this suggests that perhaps Dr. Light perhaps never programmed into Proto Man whatever prevented Mega Man from killing Dr. Wily. Maybe because Proto Man was the prototype?

It might also be worth mentioning that this is the first use of the word shit in the comic. I was worried when this comic first went up that it would lead to a snowball effect and before long the comic would be nothing but f-bombs back and forth, which could turn readers away from it. Luckily, I never received any serious complaints about the language, except for the first Cataclysm movie, so I think it all worked out.

Also, don't grab someone's blaster. It tends to set them off.
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