Bob and George
Saturday, April 8th, 2000 #8
The Beginning of the Story Here We Go Again
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The 8-bit Proto Man sprite has no mouth. That really sucks when you end up working with it for months on end. I made due by drawing a line or two that represented his mouth, but it still sucked.

One running theme in the comic was that different time periods correspond to different "bittages". For example, the present is represented by 16-bit (SNES) sprites, such as from Megaman 7 or Megaman X. The past is represented by 8-bit (NES) sprites, and the future by 32-bit (Playstation) sprites. Personally, I liked working with the 16-bit sprites the most. While the 8-bit sprites are probably easier to work with, the 16-bit sprites just look better and give, I think, more opportunity for expression. And the 32-bit sprites are just too complicated for me to have any fun with, which is why I rarely use them, though I know many people prefer them.

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