Friday, September 8th, 2000 #161
The Attack on Dr. Wily The Plot Thickens
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Just because the villain has escaped doesn't necessarily mean the heroes want to go after him. Fighting the villain can be such a hassle sometimes. And that's not even talking about dealing with the villain after you've defeated him. I mean, what if he's not unconscious? Do you really want to take the time to tie him up or otherwise incapacitate him? Sometimes, you must admit, it'd be much easier to just kill them. I suppose that's why they make the paperwork after a death such a pain in the ass, simply to prevent the heroes always killing the villains just to save themselves the hassle of going after them later.

With all that in mind, you really have to wonder if it's worth going after the villain sometimes. Surely sometimes the heroes would rather just go home and take a hot bath, right? Maybe have a beer, watch the game, let the other heroes or even, god forbid, the police deal with the villain for once.
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