Thursday, September 14th, 2000 #167
The Attack on Dr. Wily The Epilogue
with Secondary Characters
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The first introduction of Bass has him with a much different personality than he had in later comics. I was going for the "bad boy" image he often has in more serious media, rather than the dummber-than-Mega-Man personality he would have later. In fact, near the end of the comic, I gave an explanation as to how this transformation came about.

While it may seem odd that this comic comes after the apparent death of the Author and destruction of the comic, but there's really a very simple explanation: I didn't think of the joke until after I'd already made the previous comic. But the events in this comic wouldn't make any sense unless the previous comic had already happened, so rather than scrap this idea, I decided to insinuate that the destruction of the comic spread out from the Author's dead body like a shock wave, one that would eventually destroy everything, rather than happening everywhere at once, giving the secondary characters a chance for some last words before being vaporized as well.
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