Wednesday, December 12th, 2001 #607
The Attack of Mynd The Return of Blitz
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This comic was to inform the few readers that hadn't figured out by now that if Bob is Napalm, then George must be Blitz.

Since I blurred Bob's hair when he activates his powers to become Napalm, it made sense to sharpen George's hair when he activates his lightning powers and give it that nice static-y look. George's hair was created by taking Crono's hair from Chrono Trigger, recoloring it to match George's and pasting it several times over. Later in the comic when George changes into Blitz, I'd keep the hair design but do away with the sharpening effect.

By the way, Mynd mentions that George can't use his blaster specifically because I planned on George finally using his blaster to defeat Mynd at the end of this storyline. I ultimately decided to save that idea for the end of the comic, where I think it worked much better.

Helmut makes a joke like this later in the comic itself, suggesting that he actually has a 'fro under there, we all know it's really just bishie hair.
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