Tuesday, September 12th, 2000 #165
The Attack on Dr. Wily The End is Here
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There was a lot of text and characters in these comics and I didn't want to skimp on any of it, so I decided to expand them to double-sized comics. Better to take up too much space than to try to cram it all into a single panel, right?

You know, I really did expect these to be the last of the sprite comics. I was certain that, this time, the hand-drawn comic would succeed. After all, I was going to take two weeks off to devote excusively to the hand-drawn comic, so I would make it succeed. Unfortunately, I spent most of that time just being glad I didn't have a comic to update, and didn't work on it as much as I probably should. Of course, looking back, I'm not sure any amount of time would've made the hand-drawn comics work.
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