Friday, December 22nd, 2000 #252
The Introduction of Bob How Mega Man Faces Danger
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Once again, blocking problems. Here, as you can see, Mega Man is supposed to shuffle behind George, but because of their original location relative to Bob, I ended up moving George forward as Mega Man moved back, to give the proper alignment in the last panel. But this gives George the appearance of inexplicably moving forward, towards Bob, which was not the intent.

I suppose it's possible that Bob moved forward and that his motion wasn't noticed, or that Mega Man actually pushed George closer to Bob as he hid behind him, but there's no clear indication of either action, so it just looks odd.

I think what should have been done would be to have George standing right behind Mega Man in the first panel, and then Mega Man standing right behind George in the last. That is, neither of them should be half-off the panel in any of the panels. But, I never did it, so this is the comic we're left with.

But once you move past the blocking problems, I still think this is a pretty funny joke.
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