Saturday, December 9th, 2000 #239
The Introduction of George What Fourth Wall?
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I love it when characters in a play, movie, or television show break the fourth wall. But it does lead to some interesting questions about their existances. I mean, how does knowing you're in a fictional environment affect you? Does knowing that you're fictional change how you interact with what you know to be a fictional world? Would you roll with it, like Ferris Bueller, or would you fight against it, like Neo? Or would the knowledge that, being fictional, your life isn't in your control, that an author somewhere is controlling your every thought and action and you don't even really have the semblance of free will, drive you to depression?

Or would you simply do what the characters in the comic do, and just shrug your shoulders and get on with life? I mean, if there's nothing you can do about it, why worry about it? Why let the knowledge that you're not "real" control your life? What does "real" even mean, in this context? Why should you behave any differently than you did before you had this knowledge?

You know, I bet there's a philosophy dissertation in here somewhere.
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