Thursday, December 7th, 2000 #237
The Introduction of George The Real World
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As is later semi-revealed, during George's college years, a group of aliens attempted to take over Earth, and in what was supposed to be one of the major storylines of the hand-drawn comic, George and his friends were able to drive them off. Though, in the ensuing chaos, one of the secondary characters would have been replaced by a shape-shifting alien as a spy. Only later would the rest of the characters realize this, but by that time, the alien had become attached to them and halted a second invasion. Following the big reveal, it was decided that they liked the alien duplicate more than the original, and he sticks around.

But as we find out, George wasn't present for that little revelation, so while he mentions the aliens here, he has no idea that his friend acquaintance has been replaced.

In reality, this comic was clearly a setup for a future storyline, though I never ended up using it directly. Which, come to think of it, is a little odd. I mean, another chance for a group of duplicates/imposters/alternates running around, causing chaos and confusion... why wouldn't I use it? Well, it's nice to get a glimpse at George's life before the comic nonetheless.
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