Tuesday, December 12th, 2000 #242
The Introduction of George Another Way to Stop Mega Man
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One of the reasons I had George trip Mega Man earlier was that, well, I rather suck at spriting, and I didn't think I could pull off a sprite of George trying to tackle Mega Man. But with Mega Man running away again, George would have to stop him again, but I didn't want to use the trip again. So, rolling up my sleeves, I had to do my best and sprite a tackle. I'm pretty sure I failed.

That sprite of George in the last panel is nothing more than a sprite of Mega Man climbing a ladder, with his face (poorly) covered with George's hair. Looking at it now, I really think I should've added a few pixels of shading to George's hair along the neckline.

You know, now that I think about it, how could George have possibly stopped Mega Man? Isn't Mega Man a super-strong robot? Couldn't he have simply dragged George all the way back? Maybe Mega Man decided to stop voluntarily rather than end up possibly hurting George. Sure.

You might be wondering why George didn't just use his electrical powers to stop Mega Man, either this time or the last. The simply answer is that I didn't want to necessarily reveal his abilities just yet. Of course, I think everyone had already figured out that Bob and George were Blitz and Napalm from the hand-drawn comic, but just in case someone hadn't made that connection, or thought I was rebooting the characters and negating what had happened in the hand-drawn comics, I didn't want to reveal those personality traits just yet.
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