Sunday, December 31st, 2000 #261
The Attack of Bob The Stand
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This comic is notable because it's the first time we learn the George doesn't have a blaster (or at least doesn't know how to access it), which explains why he didn't pull one out when confronted by the Author.

I was able to play with this idea later, when the Author tries to show him how and while being impersonated by the Helmeted Author. But the whole thing had gone on so long, I was able to convince the readers that George would never use his blaster, making the ending all the more dramatic.

Actually, when I first started thinking about how the comic would end, with the final confrontation between Bob and George, I knew George's blaster would be involved somehow. I think the idea I was playing with is that, deep down, George is just too peaceful to access his blaster. You must use your will to call upon it, and George just can't bring himself to do that... until the end, when he knew it was the only way to stop Bob. Very dramatic.

By the way, if I'd made this comic after the first Lord of the Rings movie came out, Mega Man would totally have said, "You shall NOT pass!". A pity my razor-sharp wit can't see into the future.
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