Tuesday, December 25th, 2001 #617
The Third Megaman Game Another Christmas Special!
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Another Christmas Special, with the long, single panel party comic style. I always enjoyed doing these.

First we have Bass leaking because he still hasn't been properly repaired since Mynd slashed him along the middle, and Roll still has a hole in her head. Proto Man apparently repaired himself, something he probably does most of the time, rather than letting other people access his internal systems. Mega Man's still cut in two, but seems to be fine all things considered.

We've also got Dr. Light quoting a line from the first Cataclysm movie, standing next storage containers full of the liquified forms of Nate and Chadling, waiting to be reconsituted after being desolidified during Mynd's attack.

And then we see the Helmeted Author and the regular Author side-by-side, for what is more or less the first time. Technically they were both in the Halloween comic, but it wasn't necessarily clear if they were separate characters or if the Author just decided to show up to the party twice. They've also been together in the Helmeted Author Quips in the blurb space, but those don't really count either. Here it's quite blatant that they are two separate characters, just with the same color scheme. While the two might have started out as the same character, by this point they really had become two separate entities, so I thought I would make it official.
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