Monday, December 24th, 2001 #616
The Third Megaman Game Return of the 8-Bit
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So the whole point of these hand-drawn comics was merely as a lead-in to the Third Megaman Game. Though, I suppose calling this and the previous comic "hand-drawn" is a bit of a stretch. I drew the one picture and just copied-and-pasted it a bunch of times, but, hey, I'm a sprite comic guy, what do you really expect from me?

The First Megaman Game storyline was a recreation, and the Second was time travel in an effort to undo detrimental changes to the space-time continuum. For the Third Megaman Game, I decided to go with unintentional time travel due to a massive explosion.

The idea behind explosions leading to inadvertant time travel actually comes from a storyline in the Superman comics, called "Time and Time Again", in which Superman gets blasted from time period to time period as he tries to get home. It was published shortly before the whole "Death of Superman" series. It's pretty good, though I generally prefer Marvel.

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