Wednesday, January 2nd, 2002 #625
The Third Megaman Game Gamma, the "Peace-Keeping" Robot
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Since this was the Third Megaman Game, I felt it necessary to introduce Gamma, the giant robot Dr. Light and Dr. Wily built together in this game, the one Dr. Wily eventually stole and tried to use to kill Mega Man at the end of the game.

I always wondered why in the hell would you build a giant, dangerous robot with your former enemy, no matter how amnesiac or repentent he might pretend to be? And what the hell would you use a giant robot for? Aside from the Iron Giant, when is a giant robot ever not eventually used as a force for evil?

I wonder how many of those gray floors that are in pretty much ever comic are just platforms over larger floors...

See? Jailbait.
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