Saturday, January 5th, 2002 #628
The Third Megaman Game Parawhat?
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This is the big problem with using your knowledge of the future to change the past. Once you make a change, it could possibly invalidate all the rest of your future knowledge. Unless the timeline can somehow correct itself to the "proper" timeline, anything you do could invoke the butterfly effect and change the future from what you know, making your knowledge worthless.

I mean, sure, you could go back and kill Hitler, but what kind of changes will his death make to the future as you know it? Will the US still develop nuclear weapons? Without developments in nuclear technology, what other technologies wouldn't come about? What if some small device that was directly related to your time machine never gets invented? Then your time machine never gets invented and you could never go back in time to kill Hitler in the first place. It's the classic "Hitler is your Grandfather Paradox".

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