Tuesday, January 1st, 2002 #624
The Third Megaman Game New Year's Special!
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And so another year begins. Chadling and Nate are still in liquid form, and I love that Bass is drinking Chadling. Mega Man's still screwed up, but you can tell that Dr. Light is at least working on him.

The character hanging around with the Helmeted Author is Maverick Megami. One of the subcomic authors, Megami, introduced an evil version of herself, who she called Maverick Megami. It made sense, at the time, that the evil version of the Author might want to hook up with the evil version of Megami's character. She was probably jailbait, but hey, they're evil, what do you expect? Her sprite started as Roll, like most female sprites, but increased the length of her legs to make her taller. I think it worked nicely.
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