Friday, July 20th, 2001 #462
Something Stupid Dr. Wily, Concerned Father
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One of the most disappointing things about working with Megaman sprites is the distinct lack of good original 16-bit Dr. Wily sprites. Since you only encounter him near the end of Megaman 7 and in the arcade games, where he's almost always in a vehicle of some kind during those encounters, there are almost no sprites of him outside his vehicles, and when he is, he's cringing and begging you not to kill him.

As such, there are simply no good sprites of Wily just standing there. I did what I could for this storyline, but he still looks like he's constipated or something. Luckily, this problem would eventually be alleviated by a community member named Deccus, who was one of the best early sprite artists I've seen. So while it's a shame none of those good sprites were available for this storyline, at least they were available for later storylines.
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