Sunday, July 8th, 2001 #450
Tales From a Parallel Universe 3 Mynd's Plans Revealed
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One problem I think I've always had with Mynd is his motivation. I mean, he apparently rules an entire world, universe, and/or dimension, so why the hell would he want to destroy and/or take over the Megaman Universe? Power seems too clichéd and boredom just sounds stupid.

Of course, that all assumes that anything Mynd says is true. Maybe he isn't actually the ruler of his little world. Maybe he's just trying to impress Bob, or maybe he's just a huge Megaman fanboy that wants to take over the Megaman Universe for his own selfish desires. Or maybe he's sick and tired of being compared to Sigma and he figures if he destroys the Megaman Universe now, Sigma will never come into existance and he will be the only bald Reploid-esque character in existance.

But it's probably just bad writing.

By the way, is it ironic that Bob and Mynd are in almost this exact same situation later, with the roles reversed?
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