Sunday, July 15th, 2001 #457
Tales From a Parallel Universe 3 Bob's Ultimate Attack
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As will be mentioned later, one my original ideas for Mynd is that he's not just another dumb villain. One of the ways I wished to portray this is that he actually did research on his enemies before he fights them. So, for example, he knew that Bob had bubble-wrap shielding, but, as we see here, he didn't know that Bob could charge up his blaster, mostly because Bob hadn't done that before. (Nor does he do it again...)

But really, it makes sense. I mean, everyone knows that when you're playing a Megaman game and you come across an enemy that can't be damaged by your regular shots, you have to charge up your blaster.

When I was making this comic, I decided I wanted to use a shot of the outside of Mynd's fortress, to show the destructive power of Bob's blaster. As I was looking through sprite sheets to find something appropriate, I found the sheet for the introduction sequence for Megaman 7, when the giant Mad Grinder is rolling around, destroy the city, and I saw this tiny little building that I thought would be perfect, in a rather demented sort of way.

I thought it would be funny for the supposed ruler of an entire dimension to live in a teeny little fortress. Maybe Mynd's dimension isn't nearly as big as we might think. Maybe the laws of physics are different in some way, and it's really much bigger on this inside. Or maybe something catastrophic occurred, such that Mynd's entire universe is just one small world, which he is now the ruler of. Maybe his attempts to take over other universes, other dimensions, are an attempt to escape his tiny dimension and rule something bigger. Or maybe Mynd was lying the whole time and he's not the ruler of anything but a tiny warehouse.
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