Wednesday, August 1st, 2001 #474
Something Stupid Dr. Wily's Girly Robot
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Some readers point out that Zero didn't have a beam saber in the first Megaman X game, making Dr. Wily's statement in the first panel incorrect. They say that Zero didn't aquire a beam saber until he was rebuilt by Sigma in Megaman X2. One theory is that Sigma intended to transfer his consciousness into Zero's body, and since Sigma already used a beam saber, Zero was equipped with one in preparation. I guess once Zero got control of his body back, he liked the saber enough to keep it around.

For those of you who have watched the Cataclysm movies, you know my pet theory is that Zero was originally designed with a beam sword, as Dr. Wily states here, but when he got his ass kicked by Auto, he lost it, along with several bits of his armor. (Which Proto Man then collected and used to transform himself into Prometheus.) And then when Sigma went on to rebuild him in X2, he used Dr. Wily's original designs, which included the beam saber and the original pieces, including the infamous booblights. This could then explain why Zero looks so different between X1 and X2.

Of course, in reality, this was just an easy excuse to let me use the more varied X3 sprites in the Cataclysm movies, rather than be limited to Zero's X1 sprites.

By the way, I think what Dr. Wily's talking about in the second panel is a much more interesting idea about Zero's purpose. As we know, Dr. Wily's creations are routinely defeated by Dr. Light's. So what if Dr. Wily planned for that possible defeat and programmed his latest creation to transmit a virus, the Wily/Zero/Sigma/Maverick virus, into any robot that ever defeated him? Dr. Wily would assume it would be one of Dr. Light's robots, which would then give Dr. Wily control of that robot. And if that robot were ever defeated, the virus would simply be passed on to the next victor. No matter what happened, Dr. Wily would also be in control of the better robot, the most powerful robot.

Of course, things didn't turn out that way, and instead the virus ended up being passed to Sigma, where it mutated into the various incarnations we see in the Megaman X games, but it's an interesting idea.
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