Saturday, July 7th, 2001 #449
Tales From a Parallel Universe 3 Mynd's Been Busy, Sort Of
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It was about this point when I realized how much I had screwed up my plans for Mynd.

When I first started planning out the storyline involving Mynd, I had several ideas about how to plot it out. One of them involved Bob being the first to run into him, but I ultimately dismissed that idea and decided to go with a different idea. The problem is that, somewhere between that decision and this storyline, I completely forgot about it and blithely started with the Bob-meets-him-first-idea. And this is the point where I realized I'd screwed up.

Anyway, the point is, like so many screw-ups in the comic, I now had to find some way to make everything work and get back to the plot as planned. And, until this commentary, no one probably ever knew I screwed up.
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