Thursday, July 19th, 2001 #461
Something Stupid It's Hard to Be That Stupid
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As I mentioned in the previous comic's commentary, when Bass first took off with the Mega Man of the past, I figured most of the readers would naturally assume that Bass was going to take him to Dr. Wily. The previous comic was designed to mislead and trick them into thinking that they were wrong, and Bass wasn't going to do that.

This comic, then, was to reveal to the readers that I was kidding, and of course Bass is going to take the Mega Man of the past to Dr. Wily. That was my intention all along; I just didn't want the readers to start thinking they could always guess my ideas ahead of time.

Besides, for Bass to intentionally take Mega Man to Dr. Wily would suggest that Bass is evil, which isn't the route I've gone with the character. He's just stupid. Remember, never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence.

I like the idea that the clouds above Dr. Wily's fortress are always gray, even when the rest of the sky is full of white, fluffy clouds. And those gray clouds are taken from the clouds in Cloud Man's sprites.
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