Saturday, July 14th, 2001 #456
Tales From a Parallel Universe 3 Mynd's Mistake
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One thing I've always found rather discouraging about the battles in the comic is the slow pace with which they advance. Bob attacks and they talk about it. Mynd attacks and they talk about it. All they ever do is attack and then talk about it! Sometimes I just want a little action! I want some violence!

Unfortunately, given the daily 4-panel layout and the use of sprites, there is a severe restriction on the amount of action that I can show. The sprites limit the action shots I can create, with respect to both character poses and angles, while the 4-panel layout keeps me from being able to do extended sequences of action shots. At best, then, I can squeeze one or two actions into each comic, and the rest of the panels must be taken up with dialogue.

Further, since this is arguably supposed to be a funny comic, I feel the need to try to get some kind of joke or gag into each comic, or at least something to give each comic a sense of completion, which usually takes up the last panel and can be difficult to work in given the rest of the limitations.

That being said, I always thought Bob's little back-flip would look really cool in real life.
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