Bob and George
Thursday, April 19th, 2001 #370
The Second Megaman Game The End of Flash Man
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It's interesting how people can pronounce and interpret words in written media differently if they've never heard them spoken aloud. I mean, did you know that J.K. Rowling's last name is pronounced "ro-ling", now "row-ling"? The events in this part of the storyline are a perfect example, as I received a number of emails informing me that I was wrong about Lead Bubbles.

You see, when I first played Megaman 2 and read "lead bubbles", I immediately thought of the metal and simply assumed that the weapon somehow shot out very dense bubbles. Sure, it didn't make sense, but what in the Megaman games ever does? Immediately after these comics were put online, lots of people emailed me to inform me the "lead bubbles" are so named becuase they can "lead" you to a secret area later in the game.

But in my mind, that makes even less sense in the context of a weakness. Why would bubbles that lead you somewhere hurt anyone? At least with bubbles made out of one of the densest materials known to man, hitting someone with them could do some damage. And why would Mega Man turn gray when he activates that weapon if it had nothing to do with shooting out metallic lead?

Well, I suppose the whole point is moot, since the comics are made and that's how it played out. Though, I don't know how I would handle this weapon if I were to do it over again. I mean, in my opinion, bubbles made out of lead are way funnier than regular bubbles.
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