Friday, April 6th, 2001 #357
The Party Year One in Thirty Seconds
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I wanted to make a total of seven animated comics to fit the whole week, but when I started working it all out, I realized I only had enough ideas for six comics. Needing one more comic, I thought a compilation, montage-type comic would be a cool idea. So I went through every comic from the first year and picked out what I considered the best of the bunch. Then I narrowed that list down to just thirty and set them up in the animated GIF program, with one second each.

Of course, when I added the intro frames, the whole thing came up to more than thirty seconds, hence the sub-title at the beginning.

I think the best part about the compilation comics is that they became an annual tradition, one consistent thing included in every anniversary, even if their filesizes are huge and they're probably unnecessary since they pretty much just recap the previous year.
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