Thursday, January 25th, 2001 #286
The Aftermath of Bob Filling the Plot Holes
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I doubt it was a coincidence, but always blowing someone clear with a blast instead of killing them is very similar to a theme used quite a bit in Macc's HQ's FARTS, which was featured in the comic's only crossover, coming up shortly.

This may well be the first mention in the comic of plotholes. I would like to think that I don't really have that many plotholes in the comic, but with any ongoing story like this, there's bound to be a few. They usually crop up when it's been a long time since the storyline started and even I've forgotten a few details here and there. This was especially bad in the Third Megaman Game storyline, when I forgot that Dr. Wily already had the idea for Doc Robots before George told him about it. I ended up having to introduce the robotic Wily clone to extracate myself from that mess, which I admit was a pretty poor solution, even if it did make for some humorous jokes later.

In the end, I'd just point out that with any ongoing story, it's technically (almost) impossible to have any real plotholes, since they can always be corrected and/or explained away later in the story. Hell, there are probably plenty of potential plotholes you never even knew about because I fixed them before anyone noticed.
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