Saturday, January 13th, 2001 #274
The Attack of Bob I See Dead People
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If you ever stop to think about Boba Fett's helmet, it might occur to you that if he were to rely solely on the little eye-slits on his helmet, his range of vision would be quite limited. Fans that have delved a little deeper into the Star Wars mythos might learn that, according to the books, he doesn't use those little eye-slits at all. Apparently he has micro-cameras planted all around the outside of his helmet, and he's viewing everything on little monitors, giving him an unobstructed 360º view.

I imagine Bob and Proto Man have similar devices inside their helmets. I mean, the shades aren't just to look cool, you know. In this case, it seems Bob has the ability to adjust the visual processors to view Mega Man's "ghost". I don't know exactly how that's possible, but maybe it has something to do with adjusting his electronic visual cortex to the same frequencies as George's neurons and... well, you know, technobabble.
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