Sunday, January 7th, 2001 #268
The Attack of Bob More Perks
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This is the first time a character mentions the "title character" perk, although here it's referred to as the "main character" perk. That is, as long as you have your name in the title (or you're important to the comic), no matter how bleak the circumstances, no matter how likely it is that you will die a horrible and gruesome death, you simply won't die. Somehow, some way, you will be saved from the brink of destruction by some fluke, usually one terribly convoluted (such as being "blown clear").

And how would "extra lives" even work in the context of the comic? Was there any sort of explanation in the games? I mean, when Mega Man ran out of energy and was destroyed, how did he come back? The only thing I could ever figure was that his consciousness/programming was instantly transferred to a duplicate body that was then teleported into the level, but I couldn't do that in the comic because Ran already patented that idea.

Or maybe Dr. Light simply recovered the body and fixed it, as it normally what happens later in the comic when one of the robotic characters "dies". I think DisgruntledFerret had a good idea in one of his MS Paint Masterpieces comics, where Dr. Light is able to recover not the entire body, but the important programming chips, which were then installed into a duplicate body.
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