Monday, January 8th, 2001 #269
The Attack of Bob Mega Man Dies Once Again
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After I gave up on the whole hand-drawn comic idea, I seriously considered renaming the comic. After all, why have a comic called "Bob and George" when there are no characters in it called Bob or George? I figured, since the comic was technically about Mega Man, why not give it a name with "Mega Man" in it? Mega Man Chronicles? Mega Man World? Mega Man Adventures? One stumbling block, though, was that I couldn't think of anything terribly original, and by that point there were more than a few sprite comics popping up around the internet, and I was worried about accidentally using someone else's name.

Besides, Bob and George had started picking up popularity, and suddenly changing its name could have damaged the name recognition it had built up. And by giving it a "Mega Man" name, I was worried it into a comic just about Mega Man, and god knows there are enough of those out there. I would like to think that after all this time, Bob and George is certainly something more that just another Megaman sprite comic.

Though, I think having a comic named after characters that aren't in it would make for an interesting hook. In some ways, it's almost a shame my desire to have the comic's title make sense won and I eventually introduced its namesake characters.
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