Monday, July 28th, 2003 #1197
The Fourth Megaman Game Belated Birthday Comic!
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As indicated in the first frame, rather than do a birthday comic, I thought I would use the opportunity to address some of the questions readers had been asking.

First, what was the deal with Mega Man? He was evil, then left through the portal with Mynd, and then he suddenly shows up like nothing happened. I couldn't answer that question without revealing the whole Helmut angle, so I just promised that it would be dealt with.

The same thing goes for the Helmeted Author, who had become more and more important to the readers for some reason. I just promised that I'd cover him too... in fact, the answer to the Mega Man question was technically answered with the Helmut question, so I guess I killed two birds with one stone.

People were asking about Bob, probably because they hadn't seen him in a long time and were worried. I had plans for him concerning the Fifth Megaman Game, but I certainly wasn't going to reveal any of that yet, aside from what had already been brought up in the Non Sequitur storyline.

And some people were confused about the ending of the Fourth Megaman Game, since it happened so randomly and abruptly, they weren't sure if it was actually over. I suppose having the Author out-right say that it was over wasn't the best way to reveal that information, narratively-speaking, but it was certainly faster.

Also, I should mention that the intention of the weird semi-transparent Authors behind the Author was an attempt to show the readers what the White Space would look like animated. What I did was program it so that several sprites of the Author would be randomly placed behind the Author, with the more transparent versions having a large space in which to randomly appear. I had hoped to make a screensaver like that, but nothing ever came of it.
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