Sunday, December 14th, 2003 #1336
George's Really Bad Day Delusional Allusions
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While it was my original intention that Helmut locked Mega Man in the closet and changed his own external physical appearance to that of Mega Man, which I guess would just require a new paint job, I suppose it's also possible that Helmut simply possessed Mega Man and took control of him. That doens't explain how Mega Man ended up back in that closet, which is where he later claimed to have woken up, but I suppose you could hand-wave that away with Author powers. Besides, possession makes sense when compared to Mega Man's other turns to evil due to Vic.

Also, this comic is almost exactly the same as the one we saw in the Rockman Universe, except that it was Bob blowing up a fortress that time.

And in case you were wondering, this comic would have gone right after this one.
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