Sunday, May 18th, 2003 #1126
Non Sequitur Familiar Unfamiliarity
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As happens when I get tired of working on a storyline, I thought I'd take a non sequitur, as explicitly stated by the storyline title, and work on something new and different. And this was different enough that I had a pretty good idea that the readers weren't going to have any idea who these two were.

I mean, obviously it's Mega Man and Bass, but the question is which Mega Man and Bass? It's not like there's only one set of them. They could be alternates or clones or something else. Further, why are they in 32-bits? Does it mean that they're in the future? And if so, is it during the Megaman X games? But then how these two still alive?

Sometimes I just liked messing with the readers.
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