Sunday, October 21st, 2001 #555
The Arrival of Mynd So Much Ice Cream
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I imagine Mynd gets called "Sigma" all the time, and it probably pisses him off. Especially considering, as I've mentioned, that he's shorter than Sigma. That sort of thing would give you issues.

Anyway, George, being from a dimension where he's played all the Megaman games, is the only one here that would know anything about Sigma, so I had to have him show up and make that reference. What I like most about this exchange, though, is how he completely stops caring about Mynd and Sigma the moment he sees the giant tub of ice cream.

And the tub of ice cream is that same blown-up E can, recolored yet again. Though, to be honest, I have no idea what exactly makes it "industrial strength", but it scares and titillate me a little.
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