Thursday, October 4th, 2001 #538
In the Year 21XX I'm Contagious
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I think the idea that the Author's presence is the source of the weirdness in the comic started here. Before the Author arrived, before the start of the comic, there was no weirdness; the Megaman Universe was as described in the game. When the Author showed up, that's when weird things started to happen.

And then, presumably, at some undefined point in the future, the Author leaves, the weirdness leaves the comic, and the Megaman Universe goes back to the way it was before. By the time X's time period rolls around, the Author has been gone for so long, there isn't any weirdness left.

This subject was brought up again when Bob (and the Author) visits the Rockman Universe, which was pretty normal until they showed up and started affecting it.
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