Wednesday, October 3rd, 2001 #537
In the Year 21XX Missing the Weirdness
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As Proto Man is one of the smartest characters, it always falls to him to be the straight man in many of the jokes, allowing him the opportunity to get in some good smirks at the expense of others. Actually, I think this applies to comedy in general.

I think one of the reasons people find stupidity so funny is that it makes the audience feel smart, and in turn, better about themselves. When they see a character in a movie/comic/story/joke/etc. doing something stupid, at least the audence can feel that they're smarter than that character. And I think the role of the straight man is to give the audience someone they can relate to, a confidant in the humor. Here's someone else that knows what's going on, and he can give the audience cues as to when to laugh.
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