Bob and George
July 24½, 2000 #115½
July 24½, 2000
The White Space A Special Comic By Someone Else
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Early in the comic, I would occasionally accept suggestions for the comic from my friends, and during this White Space storyline one of my friends came up with the comic you see above. I figured it was good enough to include, but by the time he had suggested it I had already made all the comics for the rest of the storyline. (Can you believe I actually had a cache of comics at one time?) Anyway, because of the fast approaching birthday comic, which had to take place on a specific date for obvious reasons, I couldn't reshuffle the comics already made. So, instead, I decided to just shove it between the 24th and the 25th as a special comic.

And I can't tell you what a pain in the ass it's been as far as programming goes. When you've got a single comic completely out of sync with everything around it? Total pain in the ass.

Anyway, you'll notice that this is the one and only comic with different initials in the corner. And no, I won't tell you what the initials stand for, though if he had a website that he wanted to promote, I would totally link to it.

It has occurred to several people over the years that the White Space would actually make a pretty nifty screensaver. Unfortunately, I myself have never gotten around to actually doing anything with it, but every once in a while I'll hear about someone who's done it. Hell, I might even have one around here somewhere...

In a later comic, the Author appeared in an animated version of the White Space, where you can see what those afterimages are really supposed to look like.
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