Saturday, January 4th, 2003 #992
Tales From a Parallel Universe 5 The Broom Closet
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I'm not exactly sure how they can see Dr. Wily's fortress from Dr. Light's lab, but apparently they can. I mean, it's got to be close enough for Rock Man to be able to run over for a mop, right?

This same shot was used later when George was in a similiar circumstance. In fact, I think I used exactly the same background and explosion, because why go to all the trouble to try to replicate a special effect when you can be lazy?

Also, I have to give a shout-out to that broom. When I was making the first Cataclysm movie, I asked Deccus for some sprites. He asked what I needed and I said I need a shot or two of Dr. Light collapsed on the floor and a broom that Dr. Light could be using while sweeping. That's the broom sprite he made, and I keep using it because, well, it's a nice broom.
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