Tuesday, June 3rd, 2003 #1142
Non Sequitur What He Said
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While it might seem like Far Future Alternate Mega Man is being evasive, it would also be fair to say that he can't honestly answer Future Alternate Mega Man's question because the whole ordeal was such a clusterfuck that it's hard to say whether they were successful or not.

They were technically successful, since they did remove Bob's ability to travel through time, though that was mostly because he ended up stuck in a demi-plane. On the other hand, he did eventually get his hands on another time machine (thanks to Dr. Light and George), so they didn't ultimately succeed in their original goal. However, if the whole thing was preordained anyway, then it doesn't make any difference what they did, because the end result would be the same.

See the problem with answering this question?

Also, boobies.
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